The Everyday Pple Project is an ongoing photo project I decided to do, to help bring some attention to individuals that are doing some spectacular things, in their respective fields, and in the community. The "Everyday Pple" moniker is a spin off from my clothing company, which is also where the "Everyday LaVan" derived from. 

With pple's current obsession with the concept of "Celebrity", Average Joe's don't get much shine. There are so many blogs tracking celebrity news, from which celeb is expecting a child, to who wore the hottest dress on the red carpet. On top of that, pple even tack the word "Celebrity" to their title. "Celebrity Chef, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Celebrity Photographer, and the list goes on. What I want to know is, does that title mean that the person only services celebrities, or is the person claiming the fame of a celebrity? I mean, you don't see Denzel Washington or Brad Pitt calling themselves "Celebrity Actors". Maybe I'm over analyzing it.

The Everyday Pple Project is here to shine some light on some great people, with great functions.

Thanks, to everyone that takes time out of their busy schedules to shoot with me. Special thanks to one of my supporting brands, Shoe City, for providing some footwear for some of the shoots. Visit for their online store front, and the latest news on sneaker releases.

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Stay tuned for more.