Justin Timberlake | 07 14 2014

Justin Timberlake brought the 20/20 Experience Tour to the nearby city of Baltimore, MD, and I was able to score some last minute photo access, courtesy of Concert Blogger dot com. Click to view photos from the show

This time around, I arrived with a framed photo, taken from my recent exhibit, for Justin, captured at the DC show, and an additional print, with hopes of an autograph. Everyone seemed to love the photo, from the guy guarding the outside gate, to the lady who escorts the photographers to the pit. I had made all of the needed connections to get the photo to Justin, but just wasn't able to get the extra print signed before I left. I'm working on having it mailed to me, or I'll pick it up in another city.

The 20/20 Experience has some awesome production. I was totally amazed. My only issues, as a Photographer is that the lighting hit Justin in a way that created a shadow over his eyes, and stage was super high, and we were limited to shooting from one small area, that mainly allowed for side profile photos. I lucked up at the Washington, DC show, because the shooting area wasn't as close to the stage, so the angle of view was much better. Click this link to see those photos, to see the difference.

Someone from Justin's team was kind enough to give me a wristband, to enter the vip guest area, to watch the rest of the show. That definitely made my night. Usually, the Photographers are required to exit the building, stage right, after the first 2-3 songs are photographed. The only exception is, of course, if you have a ticket, you can stay. But, even then, you're asked to take your camera to your car, or lock it in a back office. Thankfully, I didn't have to do either. As temping as it was, to get more shots, my camera stayed in the bag for the remainder of the night. 

I didn't realize how many Justin Timberlake songs I know, word for word, until last night. I had so much fun at the show. A great night. I guess I had the 20/20 Experience.

I even had a slight hangover this morning. My dear friend, Jack Daniel's couldn't make it to the show last night, but many thanks to my dear old associate Mr. Jim Beam for filling in.