Pray on it.

Before I turn my camera on, to capture a photo of a performer, once they hit that stage, I have a conversation with God. I thank him, and I ask him for some help. I thank him for waking me up, another day, to capture these images, and tell the stories of his greatness. I thank him for the pple in my corner, and the pple that oppose me. I thank him for my gifts, for another opportunity to put them to good use, for everything he has done for me so far, and the things he will do tomorrow.

I ask him to help me get through the task of capturing the images. I ask him to give all that's needed, for the night, to me, the band, the singer, the guy working the lights, the sound tech, the valet guy, and the person the sweeps the floors when the night is over.

I often look back at some of the days and nights of my life of a photographer, and I thank Him for blessing me. The road to success is a rough one, with many obstacles, and many construction sites, but I continue forward.

Thank you God. 

Photo credit: Jerome Shaw | @photosbyrome