#BriskBodega with Dj Mustard | 07 26 2014

Last Saturday, at Blind Whino, I provided photography coverage, for Brisk teas, at an event called "Brisk Bodega". It kinda reminded me of a big house party. But this time, it was inside a church - technically. "Church party"? Or nah?

It was a free event, with an open bar, with music by Dj Quicksilva, and special guest Dj Mustard. The line to get in was unreal, but for those that stood in it, it seemed to be well worth the wait. I mean, who can pass up an open bar, and a great party? 

Singer Raheem Devaughn stopped by to support his hip-hop artist, Phil Ade, who performed several songs in front of a packed house. 

I made the terrible mistake of wearing some light colored, suede, sneakers for this event. I chose them because their very comfortable. Recently, Nice Kicks was kind enough to gift me a pair of their New Balance 1600 collab' sneakers. As you can see, below, someone stepped all the way on them, with all their might, and I thought they were a lost cause. Thankfully, I was able to clean them up and bring them back to life. All praises to Jason Markk.


Please listen to me, when I tell you that the party was so intense, it got insanely hot. It was so hot, I heard another photographer complain about his lenses fogging up. I left that place soaking wet, and I wasn't even partying. Well, okay, maybe a little. Just look at the photo below, of Dj Mustard and I, taken after the event ended. Notice the extremely sweaty Respect the Shooter t-shirt. (Available Now! ***click to purchase)  Most of it is sweat. A small portion is a drink that was spilled on me.