The Lord of the Rings | Ring Light Chronicles

When you see me walking down the street, headed toward a concert venue, you may see me toting two bags, and a small light stand. One bag is, obviously, my Canon branded weapons arsenal, but the other, is not so obvious. Now that I think about it, it actually looks like it contains some blueprints or other large drawings. But nah, it's my ring light. Hence the ultra-corny blog post name "The Lord of the Rings". It's the only title I could think of.

I carry my ring light with me, for the magical moment when I'm backstage with the artists, and I have a chance to set it up.

Anthony Hamilton at Avery's Bar + Lounge

Anthony Hamilton at Avery's Bar + Lounge

The artists see me, with the weird looking contraption, and their faces immediately show confusion.

They say, "WTF is that?".

I say, "Just stand right here, for a second." ***I flip the ON switch

They say, "Holy sh_t, that's bright!"

I say, "Just do a couple of poses really quick." 

They pose. I show them the results on the LCD screen.

They're blown away - usually. There's an occasional case of someone being unimpressed.

I admit, it's not the most flattering light source, but on the fly, it gets the job done. 

Killer Mike backstage at Howard Theatre

Killer Mike backstage at Howard Theatre