Trey Songz Lunch | Washington, DC | 07 09 2014

To help Trey Songz celebrate the #1 ranking of his newly released "Trigga" album, Stance Socks teamed up with Shoe City to host an intimate lunch for Trey Songz at Carolina Kitchen.

The small family-style gathering of about 15 pple was filled with laughs, great food, and a lot of 90's R&B sing-a-longs. There was a little Jodeci happening, and even some "Soul For Real".

And then, the corn muffins came out, plates and plates full. Carolina Kitchen regulars just grab the muffins and go to work, while the first time patrons have no idea what's about to take place in their life. There's often a moment of silence, followed by an expletive, when they get that first taste. Can you tell I love the corn muffins?

Once everyone had eaten, it was time for a quick photo-opp moment. I was pleased to hear someone say, "No cell phone cameras, please.", because it keeps the photo-opp under control, and it also keeps all eyes looking into my camera only. I hate it when there's a group photo, and someone is looking off to the left at their best friend who's holding up a cell phone, while everyone else is looking at me. A couple of cellphones were whipped out anyway though. Lol.

Right as Trey Songz was leaving out, I turned on my ring light to get a quick portrait. Unfortunately, he was standing back too far, so the exposure isn't ideal, but thanks to the Lightroom Software Gods, I was able to give it a little life with some post-processing/editing.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Trey's Trigga album.