Yeezus Help Him

So, yesterday, I took a 2 hour road trip from Washington, DC to Philadelphia, PA for Made in America, a 2-day music festival. I was working with a hip-hop based blog, so my focus was capturing the hip-hop acts, but I still planned to shoot the others. 

Day 1 of the festival consisted of only about 4-5 hip-hop acts. Unfortunately, I was late leaving DC, so I missed the first couple of smaller acts, and also missed the legendary Big Daddy Kane. When I finally made it, and checked-in for my media credentials, the only hip-hop acts that remained were J. Cole, and Kanye West.

I was able to photograph J. Cole.

As expected, there were some limitations set for the Kanye West performance. Only 7 media outlets were approved to photograph his first 2 songs. The outlet that I was working with was not amongst the 7.

When I heard that I would not be shooting Kanye, I packed up my gear, and left the festival grounds.

While in the car, I received a text from a photographer friend. This particular friend wasn’t even credentialed, but had his camera at the festival. The text dialogue stated something like, “They approved photographers to shoot Kanye, and I managed to finagle my way into the pit. Unfortunately, I came out with no shots of Kanye. For the first 2 songs, Kanye had on a mask, and I was waiting for him to remove the mask, before I started shooting. So, I just watched the performance of the first 2 songs.”

As usual, after the first 2 songs, the photographers were all escorted out of the pit.

After I read the text messages, I literally wanted to throw my phone out of the window. Like, all the way out of the window. Goodbye iPhone. It’s been real.

He blamed the major life failure on being a “newbie”. 

Please believe that if I was lucky enough to finagle my way into the pit, during a concert when I wasn’t actually approved to shoot, I would have so many photos, it would take me days to cull.

The “newbie photographer” friend is currently on timeout. He asked to remain anonymous. His name is Adrian. 

Yeezus, help him.

Screen shot of the text message that almost sent my iPhone flying out of the window on the highway.

Screen shot of the text message that almost sent my iPhone flying out of the window on the highway.