Erykah Badu | Fillmore | 02 15 2015

As usual, I was hella excited to photograph Erykah Badu in concert, and it had been several months since the previous situation. This show had been on my calendar since the day it was announced. 

I arrived to a packed house, and one of the people next to the people next to Badu, told the venue security, "Let him do whatever he wants, he's with us". My eye balls lit up, and to myself, I said, "Oh really?". Once the show started, us Photographers swarmed the pit, clicking away, struggling with settings, because the lighting was really low, and tricky. The lighting at the Fillmore is always full of surprises - not in a good way. 

Once the first 3 songs ended, I had the pit to myself. Well, not to myself, Erykah Badu's touring shooter was there from time to time, filming. I shot a lot of photos - more than normal. I didn't roam the venue shooting, for various viewpoints, like I normally would because it was so crowded, but I may do that for the second show, which is tonight.

Fast forward to the end portion of the show., when I thought it was a bright idea to take my coat downstairs to the basement, as if it was some sort of urgent thing. Smh. I arrived to the basement cafeteria area, which has a television, showing the concert, and I saw that Erykah was seated on the edge of the stage. This usually means that the artist is about to go shake some hands, or climb into the crowd. Good job LaVan! Way to miss a cool moment. 

Needless to say, I hauled-ass up the stairs, and back to the pit, and managed to get some shots of her interacting with fans up on the barricade. 

Once the show ended, I bumped into her in the back hallway, and showed her some photos.

***I just realized that with all of this blogging, I didn't even say how awesome the show was. Erykah and her been rocked! Her set list was a nice mix of songs from her albums. She even performed Outkast's "Liberation". Mixed into her set list, to my surprise, was one of my favorite Snoop songs, "Aint No Fun".