Erykah Badu | Show No. 2 | Snow Day

Monday, afternoon, I attended/photographed a Q&A that Erykah Badu held with some young people from some Washington, DC high schools. The event was held in an area of the Fillmore, the concert venue, so it was really convenient, since the show was the same night.

The Q&A was very interesting, and enlightening. The young people asked some really good questions, and Badu's answers were on pointt. She spoke about "dreaming", and faith, a lot. 

During the Q&A, there was an alert that they'd have to cut it short, and open the doors for the concert, due to the snow fall. Great news for me, because I had to travel quite a distance to pick up my Lady, to attend the show. I didn't want her driving by herself, and sliding all around in the slush. Needless to say, we were about a hour late to the show - since it started earlier than usual. 

The second we walked in, I dropped my coat, kicked the slush off of my Jays, and went into the pit to get some shots. I didn't want to repeat the shots I captured from the night before, but couldn't help it.

I decided to fight my way through the crowd for a better point of view, but while doing that, a guy spilled his drink on me - because he was bumpin' and grindin' on a woman. He even had the audacity to look at me as if I made him spill it. Smh. The lady behind him abruptly stopped what she was doing, and started yelling at him, "THAT WAS YOU THAT SPILLED YOUR OWN DRINK! THAT WASN'T HIM!". Let's keep in mind, I did not know her - at all. So, I figured, he had probably annoyed her all night with his bump/grind behaviors.

Hey pal, "We could have a whole conversation, on why you're bumpin' and grindin' at an Erykah Badu concert."

Since I couldn't make it into the center of the crowd to shoot the stage, I went back to the photographer's pit. I shot a few more. Before you know it, the show was over. ***insert sad face emoji. The part of the show that I did get to see was dope of course, because Erykah always puts on a spectacular show. The vibes are always right. 

Fast forward to backstage after the show:

I went into a cooler to grab a beer. Well, I grabbed 2 beers, and used one to pop the cap off of the other - which normally works. But ohhh, not that night. I ended up spilling beer all over myself. I was obviously having a rough night. 

After hanging around backstage, waiting to say goodbye to Erykah and the team, she exited the dressing room, with her belongings, and as she approached...

She asked, "Did you have a good day today?"

I said, "Yes. Today was good."

What I really wanted to say was, "Nah, it's super cold and yucky outside and I can't find my long-johns, the roads are slushy, I stopped at Wendy's for iced tea but the guy gave me Coca-Cola, I was a hour late to the show and only captured a few shots, a guy spilled his drink on my leg, and I spilled a beer on myself." 

But, I had some high moments that night, so it was all good.

In closing, I'd like to say, "Thank you Mother Nature. We appreciate you."