Chris Brown x Trey Songz | 02 22 2015

Yesterday afternoon, I got a last minute "Okay", to photograph the "Between The Sheets Tour" concert, which took place last night in DC. After finishing a photography tutorial with a friend, I rushed to get dressed for the concert. My bag was laying on the floor with my 2 camera bodies, lenses, and my Sony a6000. I zipped the bag, and headed out the door.

I raced downtown to the venue, to retrieve my access pass.

The lighting for Tyga's set was really low, and the smoke machine was on full power, so I'm not pleased by the images I captured. 

Thankfully, we were able to watch Tyga's set from the front of house. Normally, we have to exit the venue. I am a fan of Tyga's music, so I definitely enjoyed seeing his performance. While we we at the "front of house", which is the back of the venue, from the fan's perspective, Tyga jumped off stage, and went into the crowd. Naturally, I responded with a quick snap of the camera. It was instinct. The person tasked with escorting the Photographers to and from the pit quickly flagged me, to stop. I felt like I was in trouble.

Once Tyga's set ended, we were escorted to the pit to get ready for Trey.

The lighting for both Trey' and Chris' set was really good; it made life quite easy. The smoke mixed in with it, was a nuisance, as it always is, but I managed. 

I had a really difficult time with all of my gear last night (***see "Stay Strapped" for the story), but I was able to capture some images that I was pleased with, once I reviewed them at home. 

It was a dope show. I wish I would have been able to see the entire show. I'd love to shoot it again, from a different vantage point.