DC to Charlotte | CIAA 2015

Last Thursday,  I joined two business associates for a road trip from Washington, DC to Charlotte, NC for CIAA weekend. I had never been before, and I figured it would be just like every other lifestyle weekend, but I went anyway.

Bad weather in DC, delayed our departure, so we didn't hit the road until 4pm. We made it about halfway, and realized we desperately needed to double back about a hour's drive. We forgot to pick something up in Petersburg, VA. Talk about a vibe killer.

We finally arrived to Charlotte, NC, only to discover that the hotel had screwed up our room reservations. One more vibe killer. We finally got settled into the hotel at about 2am. We all went to sleep at 4am. 

Friday was focused on preparing for Dusse's "Welcome to Charlotte Dinner", set for that night, hosted by Anthony Hamilton, with special guests, Yo Gotti, and Elle Varner, at Chima Steakhouse

Friday night, Yo Gotti and his guests arrived first, right as the food was being served. Talk about perfect timing. Anthony Hamilton, arrived a short while later, just as Yo Gotti was getting ready to leave, so they were able to interact a bit. Side note: I'd love to see them work on some music together. 

Special thanks to long time supporter, Shoe City for powering the gifting suite component, for our guests. Everyone loved the Starter jackets. Anthony Hamilton, a Team Jordan member, was excited to get another pair of the Oreo Jordan 4's. He was like a kid at Christmas. 

Me: "Aye bro, did Jordan Brand send you these already?" 

Him: ***grinning ear to ear. "Yeah, these and some others, but my brothers always jack my kicks when I'm not looking. Lol. But they won't get these though."

Elle Varner, who had a performance that same night, was able to make it around 10:35pm. I found out that the kitchen was shut down, at 10:30pm. Weekend vibe killer number 3. I had no idea, but thankfully, there was some food still available to fix her a lil plate. At 10:30pm, the bar closed too, but the waitress was able to get me some last minute Dusse' cocktails for Elle and her guests

By the time Elle arrived, Anthony was still there, and just a few others. We all ended up sitting at one table, chatting about random stuff. Fun times. 

While we were packing up, to leave the restaurant, my business associates, a label rep, Anthony Hamilton, Elle Varner and her Road Manager, and I did one last toast to life. The Dusse' dinner was the shit, if I do say so myself.