Wale | Pop-Up Concert | 04 04 2015

I accidentally left this post in DRAFT mode. What a shame. I just realized it, today, May 26th, 2015.

So, I was leaving the studio, after wrapping up a shoot, and I heard a friend talking about the "Wale Pop-up concert". I sent out a few text messages, inquiring about the location, and immediately raced into the city, once I received the address. Thankfully, I had my gear already.

Once I arrived, I had no credentials, but managed to get inside, because the person at the check-in table recognized my face. Once inside the concert perimeter, I unbagged [ ...is 'unbagged' a word? ] my camera, and got in position. There were so many photographers and "people with cameras in the pit", it was unbelievable. There was hardly any room to move around. I found 1 or 2 places to stand, and shot from there.

Wale had his "World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion" wrestling belt with him. I'm not sure where or how he acquired it, but it's dope. It looks heavy, and so does his Washington Redskins logo chain. He always reps the Skins!

Wale wore the "Mirror All-Star" Nike Foamposites, which I think I can see myself in. Zoom in, check for yourself. I sent photos from this show over to Nicekicks for posting

At a point in the show, Wale walked off stage, to finish his performance in the middle of an extremely busy H Street, in front of the Popeye's. Stopping traffic. If you were on a Megabus, headed to New York City, you could've possibly seen a Wale concert, from your bus seat - amazing! That has never been done before. 

I had to climb on the barricade to capture the above photo. I didn't want to follow Wale into the street, because, remember...I had no credentials. I didn't want any drama upon trying to get back inside the perimeter.

It was an awesome show. A few thousand people. For free. I call that - "a win".

The Concert About Nothing.