Jidenna at WPGC 95.5's Birthday Bash | 06 03 2015

Last night, I did some behind the scenes video coverage of new artist, Jidenna, at WPGC's Birthday Bash concert. I think it was my first Birthday Bash, as a Photographer.

I'm a fan of Jidenna's music, so I was excited to work with him, and see him perform. When I finally got the "Okay" to cover him, hours before the show, I hurried to shave and trim my beard nicely, and got dressed in the finest "Respect the Shooter" t-shirt I could find. ***Available here. [ shameless plug ].

I packed a camera bag, ready for just about any situation. I had my Canon 5D Mark III with a few concert lenses, and my Sony mirrorless camera. I mainly relied on the Sony, since it was a video project. Of course I snapped a few stills though.

I arrived to the venue about 20 minutes earlier than my point of contact, so I waited outside, until they pulled up. I flipped the ON switch, and clocked in. I captured footage of just about everything. 

While in the dressing room, Jidenna was asked about his near future plans, in regard to his music, and he said:

Jidenna: The thing that I'm excited about is working with some of the artists that I admire. 

Me: Who are the artists?

Jidenna: Awh man, don't you want to be surprised?

Me: Not really.

Jidenna: Not really! Ha! ***laughs

Fast forward to showtime. 

I exited the dressing room, and made my way to the floor, down in front of the stage. Just moments before Jidenna was set to hit the stage, a fight broke out, just a few feet from me. 2 women. It was ugly. Before I continue, let me apologize for that fight, because if you scroll back up, you'll see where I stated that I trimmed my beard nicely. The beard makes 'em act up, every time. #BeardGang. Lol. I kid. I kid. The fight was real though, smh.

Back to the blog post.

He performed about 4 songs, three that I was familiar with, including "Classic Man" and "Long Live the Chief". The crowd went crazy when he sang the first line to Classic Man. I wish I was able to capture my footage from the center of the stage, but it was simply too crowded and the Howard Theatre doesn't seem to believe in using barricades in front of their stage. That would've allowed me room to move about.

Despite the limitations, I'm content, for the most part, with what I captured.

After Jidenna and crew left the venue, I tried to go back inside to watch the rest of the show, but was denied entry, at the backstage door, since the artist that I was with had departed. However, I'm no fool. I just walked around to the front entrance, and came in, because I still had my artist wristband on. 

I made my way back down front, away the FIGHT CLUB, and stood, waiting for performances by Yazz the Greatest, better known as "Hakeem", from the hit series Empire, and The Dream. I figured, since I was there, why not gather the content?

I captured a few images of each performer, but I was mainly sticking around because I'm a fan of The Dream's music, and I've seen him in concert a couple of times. He puts on a dope show.

I left after The Dream finished his set, said goodbye to a few friends, and went to get pizza.

It was $9.99 for an XL one topping. That's something I like to call, a "Win.".

***Bites into last slice, as I hit "Save" on this blog post.