VIDEO: Love Don't Love Nobody - Certainly Not Me!

During a recent tour with singer Anthony Hamilton, we decided to shoot some footage for a music video, in hopes of being able to capture enough content in the little time we had. 

As expected, we ran short on time, and had to rush through it, which resulted in some key things not being captured, and not enough takes. Weeks had passed, and we still hadn't captured the missing footage. 

As the tour progressed, we eventually found a location to film the last few clips, upon arriving to one of the concert halls. I was later able to drop the video clips into Adobe Premiere and finalize the edits.

NOTE: The video was filmed using a Sony a7r II (A-camera), and a Sony a6000 (B-camera). Edited in Adobe Premiere. Many thanks to the team for helping make this happen!! Ramon Montgomery: Co-Director, Akiko Hana, Wardrobe, and Reece Way: Key Grip. 

Here's the final video for "Love is an Angry Thing". I'd love to hear your feedback in the comment section below. By the way, this is my first attempt at a music video.