Name: Brain Rapp

Title/Occupation: Hip-hop Artist/Musician


Instagram: @brainrapp

Twitter: @brainrapp


Youtube Channel:

I've been able to grow facial hair since about 17 but could never have a full beard until I was 24. The first time I actually grew a beard was in the winter of 2012. I decided on a whim that I was going to stop shaving and see what happened. As my beard grew longer I got more and more compliments on it. I didn't know that beard envy was a real thing until about two months into it's initial growth. In the spring on 2013 I shaved it because it was getting hot and I was tired of constantly rubbing it. I regretted the decision.


In the fall of 2014, after much persuasion by my best friend/DJ/producer, I decided to grow my beard back. In order to keep it from going completely wild, I use scissors to trim it every couple of weeks. I try to refrain from touching it as much as possible so it doesn't get coated in unwanted oils. I often steal some of my girlfriend's Alba Botanica conditioner when I shower to clean and moisturize my beard. While it's still damp I rub in some Beardbrand Tree Ranger oil. This regimen keeps my beard smooth and natural.

I don't plan on letting my beard grow crazy long but I do plan on keeping it for the foreseeable future. Having a beard makes me stand out; which, as an artist, is a great thing.