Name: Cedric Quick

Title/Occupation: Network Engineer

Instagram: @Beardoblack

Twitter: @Thebeardoblack

Facebook: Beardo Black

Youtube Channel: Beardo Black

Your Beard Journey: I've been seriously bearding a little over a year now. Prior to that, I would finesse the goatee with a little hang time, the faint beard, and even the pretty boy chinstrap. Until an awesome barber (I want so any names), gave me the greatest bad haircut ever. The day was December 20th, 2013. I asked for a fade and a full line up to include the beard. The barber came highly recommended so I didn't even analyze his work. It wasn't until hours later that I walked by a mirror and noticed he'd rounded the corner of my beard about 2 inches about my jawline. I was forced to shave everything except my mustache. I looked like a pedophile and may as well had been on house arrest for the weekend. That was the day I vowed nobody was touching my beard again.

It's been a fun journey and I'm a lifer. I love my look and how the bearded community continues to uplift each other. I've met many new people this past year and ventured into new things. I truly believe my beard has brought wisdom. My strength is in my beard. I keep my mane strong and healthy by putting the right fuel in my body and keeping it groomed with the best balms and oils I can get my hands on. All of my experiences with grooming techniques and products have propelled me to begin the process of formulating my own beard products. Follow me for more information about the Mane Made brand. I'm excited to contribute the beard movement and help put the negative stereotypes to rest.