Name: Devon Beck

Title/Occupation: Hip-hop Artist/Musician


Instagram: @devonbeck365

Twitter: @devonbeck365


Youtube Channel:

I guess nowadays having a beard is considered a trend. I never really looked at that way because its always been my style. As a hip hop artist, it seems like I've been compared to every well-known artist with a long beard - starting with Freeway, Rick Ross, and most recently Stalley. I get it but its become apart of my music and brand.

It took me a long time to grow facial hair (2009 to current) and even longer to finally find a barber to maintain it. My barber is "Barber Buff" from Maryland. He's very meticulous when it comes to my beard. At each weekly visit he washes, blow dries, and shapes it up. Clippers, a razor, and scissors are used during the shape up process. At home I wash and condition my beard three times a week with Giovanni's products, or whatever my fiancé, Yolanda Renee gives me. She's a natural hair guru so she has tons of natural hair products that are beard friendly.

My beard has become apart of me and I can't imagine my face without it. Before I found Barber Buff, I had to cut my beard off because a previous barber butchered it. I looked 10 years younger; not in a good way. Now I'm very particular about who I allow to touch my beard. And yes, its that serious. My goal is to have a full, healthy and thick beard. My advice to anyone who wants to grow a beard is to be patient, find a good barber, and have a simple but healthy regimen.