Name: Ernest Hendrix

Title/Occupation: Event Promoter/Big "E"ntertainment

Bus Operator/WMATA(Metro)

Instagram: @ehendrix8365

Twitter: @ehendrix8365

Facebook: Ernest Suavé Hendrix


Beard Journey:

I've been wearing a full beard off and on since about 2001. My weekly regimen is basic. I go see my barber. Shout out Dannon Cook at “Like That Barber Shop” for a great lineup. My barber is from Philly, so he has all the best tricks when it comes to beards. My daily regimen is simple. I wash my beard every morning. I use shea butter and pick my beard out and I'm on with my day.

My most memorable moment was when I cut all my facial hair off; for some reason I wanted to try something new. I went to my mom's house and she told me, "Don't ever come in my house looking like that ever again". So trust and believe I've never cut all my facial hair off again. The craziest thing I do now, for some reason I try to pluck the gray hairs out of my beard. They're getting a lil too deep now. So I guess I'll let my beard match my head. Lol!