Lil Naturals Photo Shoot


About the shoot:

Similar to my "Washington Naturals" (click to view) shoot, the "Lil Naturals" shoot is a photo project focused on showcasing children with natural hair. Due to the enormous response, I will not be able to do a huge group photo the way I did with the "Washington Naturals". Instead, there will be several smaller group sessions, with about 6-10 children per session.

Your child will be assigned a time slot, and they're expected to would arrive to the shoot location, dressed and ready. Please note: the studio space is somewhat small, so please do not bring any additional people with you.

***Cell Phone Photos are prohibited during this shoot. It will distract the children.

Shoot date:

Saturday, May 16th. 9:00am to 6:30pm.

Shoot time:

All children that will be included in this project will be photographed during various time slots starting at 9:00am until 6:30pm. Once you confirm that your chid is available to participate, I will choose the time slot and let you know when to arrive.

Required Wardrobe:

The required wardrobe for this shoot is:

Photo Release Form:

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