Name: Martin Robertson

Title/Occupation: Sales Rep / Model


Instagram: @martianswag

Facebook: Martin "Martian" Robertson


Your Beard Journey:

I have been growing a beard ever since I could grow a healthy beard. My father is a tattoo artist and has always had interesting facial hair. When I was finally able to grow a masterpiece, I asked him about why he chose his styles for facial hair. He shared with me that it's one thing that sets him apart and makes him unique compared with other artists. I took this to heart. The last time I walked into my pops tattoo studio was around Thanksgiving of last year, everyone looked over and was saying, "Damn Martin, we can tell he's your son, look at his unique facial hair." That was really amazing to get that reaction, but what was even better was that after pops saw my mustache and beard shaped up really well, he proceeded to share with me that he's going to grow out his mustache in the same style. Now tell me, wouldn't that be make you feel accomplished knowing that your father wants to repeat your style? It did for me.

I shampoo my beard about 2-3 times a week, and condition everyday . I love using beard oil, and do so daily.