Peter Park


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Peter Park is a freelance model, of South Korean descent, based in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Peter was born in Fairfax, Virginia but grew up in Springfield, Virginia where he graduated from West Springfield High School. As a high school senior, he was a candidate for several D3-D2 colleges, for basketball, but due to unforeseen circumstances, application deadlines could not be met.  

Peter's mother, Lisa, is an important figure in his life, and he considers her his Korean queen - an inspiration and role model. He is currently attending one of the best Massage Therapy Schools in the US, and his goal is to open his own private practice and possibly become a celebrity Massage Therapist, or work for the NBA. 

Peter has been modeling for less than two years. He got started out by helping a friend who had a photoshoot and asked him to join, and of course, he had zero knowledge of how to pose and look in front of the camera. Peter posted the photos from that shoot on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and people immediately, started giving him compliments and encouraging him to model. He stated that he was just helping out a friend, but one day, he got serious about modeling and has enjoyed it ever since.

Peter plans to audition for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22. He understands that there are not many Asian male models in the industry, and hopes to change that. He feels like Asians, in general, don’t get the respect they deserve in various arenas, and would like to set an example. He hopes to inspires other Asian models or Asians, as a whole, in America; by giving them hope and showing them that anything is possible as long as you put your heart and mind into it