Shoe City

For over 65 years, Shoe City has provided the latest styles in footwear and apparel for men, women and children. With over 30 store locations in DC, Maryland and Virginia, they have long been a trusted retailer.
Earlier this year Shoe City unveiled a new company logo, marking one of the most dramatic changes to its visual identity since 1980. Using an updated version of the company’s iconic cityscape symbol, the new logo has been modernized to reflect the brand today as it heads toward its 65th anniversary.
The Baltimore-based company first began operating as Eileen’s Shoes, opening their doors in 1949 on Monument Street. Then, in 1980, Eileen’s Shoes changed its name to Shoe City. Inspired by the Baltimore skyline, CEO Teddy Greenberg sketched out what would become one of the most recognized marks in the DC, MD and VA areas. At that time, Greenberg set out to brand his company with a logo the community could identify with.

Throughout the years, Shoe City has maintained the company’s core values of loyalty and service. However, with the 65th anniversary coming up, Shoe City felt that a new logo would coincide with their new direction while still speaking to who they are as a company and the community they serve.

“We feel like the new updates simplify and modernize our original Shoe City logo. It exemplifies Shoe City’s heritage by incorporating minor modifications to both the font and the Baltimore City Skyline – which is where Shoe City first originated, “said President Greg Greenberg.

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