Tony Lewis, Jr.

Community Activist | Vocational Development Specialist

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Tony Lewis Jr. is a community activist, vocational development specialist, outreach worker, and advocate for children with incarcerated parents.  He has dedicated his life to repairing the damage  the crack epidemic of the 1980’s and 90’s caused to his beloved Nation’s Capital. For over a decade Lewis has worked diligently with the underserved in the District of Columbia. He has worked with the at-risk youth and ex-offender populations from a outreach and workforce development perspective with positions with D.C. and Federal Government Agencies. Lewis is an expert on issues affecting those  populations, his efforts to assist them have been highlighted on Black Entertainment Television’s “American Gangster” series, the Washington Post, CNN, Voices of America, and various nationally syndicated radio shows. 

In 2010, Lewis founded Sons of Life, an outreach organization that provides mentoring, social and educational programming to children with incarcerated parents. Under the mantra “ DC or Nothing” Lewis has spearheaded a series of initiatives to uplift the people with whom he felt most connected, the disenfranchised members of the Nation’s Capitol. He and his partners organized “March for Peace”, an annual rally to promote nonviolence and solidarity amongst the diverse residents in his neighborhood. He also organized annual initiatives like “Operation Nourishment” and “Operation Keep DC Warm” to feed and cloth D.C.’s Homeless population. Lewis coordinates an annual turkey giveaway and toy drive during the holiday season for families in need throughout the District of Columbia. Lewis orchestrated clothing drives and fundraising campaigns for the organization Safe Shores Advocacy Center that provides services for sexually and physically abused youth. 

 His expertise in workforce development, conflict resolution / mediation, and community outreach is highly sought after and he is often asked to speak at town hall meetings and community forums.  Lewis has also helped mobilize the local hip-hop scene to a place of peace and productivity. His relationships with local and national artist like Wale, Pusha T, Raheem Devaughn, Fat Trel, Shy Glizzy, Black Cobain, Garvey,Boobe, Fats Da Big Fella, Lightshow , Phil Ade and many more  has given him the ability to reach people that would be normally disconnected from community engagement and positivity. Lewis has received many awards ( Steve Harvey Ford Hoodie Award “Best Community Leader”, Warrior For Peace, Philanthropist of the Year) and accolades for his tireless work but he is only motivated by positive change, he maintains that there is “tons of work to be done”.

Tony Lewis Jr. has transformed the connotations of his given name by helping to change the lives of the under-served and at-risk population. DC or NOTHING!